Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day - A Ditty

As a single person, I usually think Valentine's Day is a bit of a bore, and today is no different. Except for one little thing...

Just for a little laugh, I wrote a silly poem intended to take the piss out of both myself and Valentine's Day itself. Not very surprisingly really, it quickly evolved into a dedicated, and hopefully both touching and humorous poem for "that boy" everyone knows I have a big ol' crush on!


Oh Valentine’s Day, please go away
I do not, do not, like this day
I do not like it, not a bit
All this love, it makes me sick
Heavens above, a day of love
I think I’ll give this day a shove
Single is as single does ma’am
V-Day’s just a couple’s sham
But then again it’s such a pity
To spend all day feeling shitty
It’s so much better to be all witty
And write myself a clever ditty
Especially when that long haired brute
Is in my loop, by gosh he’s cute!
How could I not be filled with glee?
He’s Wezzy! Oh Wezzy McGee!
Although he’s someone else’s boy,
He’s like a toy, my endless joy,
And there’s no one else I’d rather annoy.
So what I propose, to banish my woes
Only shows, what he already knows
But on this day of the year, with a great deal of cheer
(until later when I drown my sorrows in beer)
Wes, I send to your heart, a smile from mine
Whizzing through space, in the form of this rhyme
I could send a big kiss, as well if you wish
Not that you do, just saying....ish
And along with the smile, and the kiss with real style
I’ll send three words said only once in a while
Dear Wesley, today, it’s fairly safe to say...’re my favourite!


  1. That is cute!
    DO you think he read it?

  2. Thanks Carly!

    I really hope he did! I've sent him little poems and silly things before and he always seemed to love them and reply often. He has been very quiet towards me in the last few months (busy, has millions more fans now, etc) so I can only hope he does like reading these little things still. I do it for my own entertainment and though I adore him, I don't expect him to bend over for me all the time...but it's still always extra warming when I know he likes it :)

  3. Hey there
    wasn't sure where to post this, but thought you may be interested in this:

  4. What has happened to your bloggy? You've stooped! I miss it. Please write again soon.

  5. Hey there lovely! I've left you a little award on my bloggy. 10 things that make you happy.


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