Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taylor Love

A few months ago I stumbled on this:

An amazing little girl in West Virginia who has been using her special musical talent and donating her time to raise money for a the now 5 year old girl Taylor Love who has been battling stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma since she was only 18 months old. She is now undergoing more chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant for chemo induced Leukaemia. I can't imagine going through anything worse, especially as a parent. The heartbreak and the fear and the uncertainty would be suffocating. My hat is tipped to both Taylor's parents Ammiee and Michael. And of course to little Taylor, ever the warrior!

This is just a quick blog (the first in a long time) to ask you to watch the above video and follow beautiful Taylor's story at . Research about childhood cancers, especially rare types like Neuroblastoma, is much needed and underfunded in the world. Anything people can do to bring awareness is worth the effort. For those reading in Australia, consider donating to The Children's Cancer Research Institute of Australia at

And just to finish off, a little poem I wrote about staying positive and always having hope.

Cheers All,


Tis all I ask
That I become rich, not in wealth
But in love, in spirit and in fulfilment
Tis all I ask
That I may be shown the way
To the light of tomorrow
And leave the darkness behind me
Tis all I ask
That your smile continue to shine
And your heart lift me up to the greatest height
So that I may hang from the stars
And find strength I never knew I had
Tis all I ask
That the sweet melody shall never stop
And that the flowers continue to bloom
That I shall find the endurance and the stamina
To persevere
To radiate sunshine
To find the spirit and joy in every day
And to make every day momentous
Tis all I ask
To not just hear, but to listen
And to always have someone to listen to me
To not just be loved, but to love eternally
To give
To trust
To hope
To believe
For it is you I continue to believe in
Just as I believe that a new day will always come
Tis all I ask
To hang on, even if shall it be by a thread
To feel, even if shall it be pain, fear, loss or abandonment
To be embraced always
By your warmth, love, and promise that everything will be okay
Tis all I ask
To share your joy and laughter, your sorrow and your tears
To share this beautiful gift
...Of life